Grignolino d’Asti

Served on the occasion of the visit to Asti by the President of the Republic Carlo Azeglio Ciampi and positively reviewed by the most famous journalists in the sector such as Paolo Massobrio, Bruno Gambarotta, Edoardo Raspelli.
From the vine planted in a sandy soil, clusters with small and tight grapes are born.
The combination provided by the type of soil and the structure of the bunches combined with a rigorous selection make “San Marcel” a grignolino with a ruby red color and a fruity aroma of red fruits. On the palate there is a balanced and pleasant flavor with a good persistence.
Slightly moved. Ideal combination with appetizers and fish dishes.


Awarded at the national contest “Douja d’Or” in years 2002 – 2003 – 2004 – 2006 – 2007 Grignolino catch a pleasant aroma, persistent and delicate; dry taste and a little ‘tannic.

Ideal combination with mixed starters Piedmont and dry soup or broth, substantial and sipide, fried mixed and typical regional dishes.

Barbera d’Asti

Selected from the best grapes in the vineyard Sant’anna, comes this classic Barbera d’Asti, produced in limited quantities.

Awarded at the national competition “Douja d’Or” in 2001 and the competition “Vininvilla” in 2008. It ‘a wine with bright ruby red with wine perfumes of cherries, fresh and balanced.

Ideal combination with pork meat, sausages, red meats and even game; excellent with medium-aged cheeses.

Serving temperature 18 °

Vino bianco

This wine is created by assembling three vines: Arnais, which gives the nose perceptions of freshness and delicacy with fruity aromas and white flowers with a typical bitter finish; Chardonnay, which gives minerality to the taste with hints of ripe fruit such as pineapple apple and banana; Cortese, which gives the palate fresh, mineral, light and fruity flavors. Fermentation takes place maintaining a temperature of 18/20 C ° to best characterize the qualities of these vines.
The assembly gives rise to a light straw-colored wine with greenish reflections, fruity and delicate hints.
It is slightly rough, dry and fresh.
This wine is an excellent pairing with: mixed appetizers, fish dishes and soft cheeses.
The serving temperature is 4-8 C °.

Vino Rosso

Selected grapes from the best vineyards in property, comes this Barbera produced in extremely limited quantities. Matured for twelve months in oak barrels is expressed in an interesting way, with intense ruby red color, scent of ripe red cherry, plum, currant and spicy notes of licorice. Ideal combination with structured dishes such as roasts, braised meats, game and aged cheeses.

Serving Temperature 18 ° / 20 °


Rosè wine derives from the white vinification of black grapes.
Specifically for this vinification, our company uses Grignolino vines.
Fermentation takes place in a tank with controlled temperature to best preserve the aromas. Rosè looks like a fruity wine with floral hints, fresh light and with the right degree of acidity.
The rosy colors recall the colors of the flower petals and the shades of cherry.
This Frizzino wine is an excellent pairing with: finger food, appetizers, fried fish (shellfish), but also goes well with cheeses and mushrooms.
The serving temperature is 4-8 C °.

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